cgmod (cgmod) wrote in boston_writers,

Crossed Genres Now seeking SFF + ACTION/ADVENTURE submissions!

Tag! You’re it!

It’s Action/Adventure month at Crossed Genres Magazine. Trigger our fight or flight responses, make our hearts race, raise our blood pressure, and take us on the ride of our lives!

Take care to read our submission guidelines, first.

Crossed Genres is also accepting submissions of completed novel-length fiction and novellas to be serialized on our website exclusively for subscribers, as well as "pitches" for a webcomic to run for a year in our ‘Subscribers-Only Area’. Upon completion, Crossed Genres will publish each novel/la and comic in its entirety.

Meanwhile, in our SciFi and Fantasy HORROR issue...

- Get caught in an infinite loop of your own design.
- Embrace your darker nature.
- Save the world and have your revenge, too.
- Create your heart out.
- Wonder, ‘If you have only nice things to say, then who are you and what have you done with yourself?’
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