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boston_writers's Journal

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I have created this community called Boston Writers simply because there was not one. This site is just getting started, so give me a while to get all the specifics worked out. Feel free to post your creative work in the form poetry, prose, lyrics, binary code, whatever. No, you don't have to be from Boston, I just wanted to pay homage to my home town, and emphasize the great community of writers in this area.

Right now, here are the basics:
*Anybody can post.
*I personally would like to see commentary. We're here for each other, after all.
*For excessively large pieces, use the cut feature.

I am personally going to try to comment on as many posts as possible. So, if you don't want any comments or "constructive criticism," please say so in your post.

Also, feel free to post about events, readings, slams, workshops, etc.

This site is loosely moderated by jayslippy.